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JULY 27, 2002

There are tons of baseball websites, and people much more devoted than I am have spent countless hours scouring the web and putting together great collections of links. So I don't feel compelled to do so here. But this is my list of essential baseball sites on the web. If you find any of these links to be broken, please email me at

The Starting Lineup: Unquestionably the best online baseball encyclopedia around. Everything cross-references, and there are tons of fun features. A great discussion site devoted to analysis of the game from the sabermetric perspective. Another great sabermetric site which combines solid analysis with a unique statistical methodology.
ESPN Baseball: The first place I check for my baseball news. The best collection of baseball columnists on the web. Tons of stats.
Baseball News Blog: A great distillation of baseball-related articles from a wide variety of sources. Once in awhile my own material even pops up here.
Baseball Online Library: Excellent source for thumbnail biographies of players, from the Hall of Famers to the fringe.
Baseball Almanac: A fine source for baseball esoterica: quotes, humor, ballpark info, and other lists. You can even download a printable score card here.
An excellent glossary of statistics, ranging from the old-fashioned to the new- fangled, and including some relevant historical info behind them.
Baseball Links: Over 8,000 links broken down into several useful categories. Staggering. Very good stats sections, especially for fielding. Good all-time stats too.
Major League Recently revamped. Very bloated. Often frustrating. Trying too hard to be all things to all fans. But buried in here you're likely to find what you need.

Daily Indicators (quick links to the numbers I cite most often) and other handy tools:
Equivalent Average/Equivalent Runs (Baseball Prospectus)
Offensive Winning Percentage/Runs Created (ESPN)
Extrapolated Runs/Extrapolated Wins (Baseball Primer)
Baseball America: The best source of minor-league stats and news. Excellent site which covers minor-league
rs, with a focus on the Top 20 prospects of each organization.
Way More Sports Player Index: Excellent source for minor league stats of active major-leaguers.

Other good weblogs:
Aaron's Baseball Blog:
A University of Minnesota student's intelligent stats-driven blog.
America's Pastime: A thoughtful new blog from a passionate fan.
Art's Notebook: Art Martone of the Providence Journal-Bulletin covers the Red Sox in an admirable way that even this Yankee fan can admire. Registration required.
Astros Daily:
All Astros, all the time.

Baseball Junkie: A sharp collection of features and weblogs by three college students.
Baseball Musings: Former Baseball Tonight researcher David Pinto's thoughtful blog.
Big Bad Baseball: Primer refugee Don Malcolm's outlet for serious sabermetric work and the occasional controversial screed. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Boy of Summer: A relatively new, smart little blog.
Braves Journal: Mac Thomason takes it game by game for the Braves.
Cleveland Indians Report: Good running commentary on the Tribe. Dan Lewis shares his thoughts on the vast sporting universe.
Ducksnorts: Geoff Young focuses on the Padres.
Exposnet: It can't be easy being an Expos fan right now, but these guys do an adimirable job.
Four Aces: A smart little weblog with a sabermetric bent.
Mike's Baseball Rants: Opinionated takes on the news and numbers of the game. Worth it alone for the Joe Morgan Chat Day analyses.
Only Baseball Matters: I'm anything but a Giants fan, but this is a nice, smart site.
Sarah's Dodger Place: This true-blue Dodger fan is an inspiring story. Another great site for another endangered team.
Under the Knife: Not a blog but a mailing list with the best source on injury news and other inside scoops. This guy gets good stuff.
Why I Like Baseball:
The world of baseball blogs isn't entirely male. Cecilia Tan's got a very good Yankee-centric one, focused both on the past and the present.

And a few personal favorites:
American Memory Baseball Cards 1887-1914: The Library of Congress has preserved and presented over 2,000 cards from the tobacco era. Giants of the game such as Ty Cobb, Cy Young, Christy Mathewson and tons of obscure players are all here in full color. The American Memory site also has great exhibits on Early Baseball Pictures and Jackie Robinson.
A fan site devoted to Jim Bouton's book. Jim Bouton's official site.
Baseball Immortals: One fan's very thorough alternative to the Hall of Fame, which attempts to correct the Hall's mistakes. Offers very thorough statistics and lists of accomplishments, and of its honorees. Another great area offers team-by-team leaders in career statistical categories.
Berman's Baseball Nicknames: Bert "Be Home" Blyleven, Bud "Paint It" Black, Rolllie "Chicken" Fingers, and everybody else—an extensive, hysterical list of Chris Berman's nicknames. A fan's touching tribute to the late Bo Diaz, a journeyman catcher in the '70s and '80s who died in a freak accident in 1990.
ESPN Fantasy Baseball: Where I waste a good portion of my time during the summer.
The Gibbs Ballpark Page
: Lee Gibbs collects ballparks; he's been to almost 90 between the majors and the minors, Japan, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, and plans to see 40 games this year. I'm envious.
Mike McCann's Minor League Baseball Page: An exhaustive list of minor leagues, going all the way back to 1902, with charts showing the franchises of each league.
NetShrine: One fan's low-tech virtual shrine, honoring not just the game's immortals but also its unsung heroes. Lots of interesting essays, analysis, and interviews as well.
The ESPN columnist's personal site.
Sports Central: Interesting opinion and discussion forum covering not just baseball but other major sports as well
: Original commentary and analysis from a Seattle-based crew of seamheads.