YES, It’s True

As I hinted at in my last post and as Duke Castgilione mentioned on the air with an exclusive, I have a new venue for my writing. Friend, colleague and mentor Steven Goldman has invited Bronx Banter‘s Cliff Corcoran and myself to join him at the YES Network’s Pinstriped Bible blog. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be part of something I’ve admired for such a long time, and to work with a swell pair of fellas. Steve’s work at the PB has always been top-notch, blending sharp analysis, sly wit and obscure pop cultural references. Cliff has done a bangup job as well with his own work over at BB and at BP intern Stephani Bee will be pitching in with coverage of Yankees prospects as well; she’s out in California, so she’s not pictured above.

Us newcomers will be posting several times a week to complement Steve’s near-daily schedule, and we’ll be taking advantage of the YES Network’s resources, such as the ability to shoot videos, worm our way into the press box (not that I haven’t done so already as a member of Baseball Prospectus) and get Derek Jeter to show up at our birthday parties. I’m excited for the chance to get back to posting more in-depth analysis of the Yankees on a routine basis, something I’ve particularly gotten away from since Joe Torre stepped down and my own responsibilities at Baseball Prospectus have grown. I’ll still be doing my thing there as well, of course.

In any event, don’t miss the introductory video. We shot a longer one as well which should be up either later today or tomorrow. Cliff’s already published his first post, and I’ll have mine a bit later this afternoon.


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