Good Company Again

Once again I find myself in prestigous company, as Alex Belth caps his impressive Yankee Preview Week with a two-part roundtable. Actually it’s a four-part roundtable; Alex sent Yankee-themed questionnaires to 14 writers from across the spectrum — an impressive roster ranging from professionals to bloggers — split the results into two separate groups, and split each group into two articles. The resulting four-part epic might to be enough to runneth Yankee fans’ cups over until the first pitch of Opening Day.

The panel I’m on features Allen Barra of Slate, Jack Curry of the New York Times, Steven Goldman of YES Pinstriped Bible and Baseball Prospectus, Bruce Markusen of the Baseball Hall of Fame, ESPN’s Rob Neyer, and Sports Illustrated‘s Tom Verducci. Yeah, some of those guys can write. You could bat me ninth and I’d gladly play on that team, even if there are only seven of us. The other panel was no less distinguished: Larry Mahnken of Replacement Level Yankee Weblog, Tim Marchman of the New York Sun, ESPN’s Buster Olney, Baseball America’s Alan Schwarz, Baseball Prospectus’ Joe Sheehan, Joel Sherman of the New York Post, and baseball historian Glenn Stout.

You might want to print these out so that you can read them at your leisure instead of staring at the computer for so long. It should be fun to dig all of this up in October and see where we were right or wrong. Thanks to Alex for wrangling this talent together and for considering me worthy of participating in such esteemed company.

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