This week’s Prospectus Hit List is here. Given the short week following the All-Star break, I decided to shake things up a bit, stepping back to look at the list from a few different angles rather than another 30-team roundup. A remix, if you will.

I took a look at how the AL’s big advantage in interleague play has shaken out on the Hit List, broke down which divisions are the strongest and weakest according to the Hit List, compared this year’s list to last year’s final and to our preseason rankings. Here’s the division breakdown:

----2006---- ----2005----
Division Avg RK HLF Avg RK HLF
AL Central 10.6 .531 14.0 .500
AL East 12.8 .524 14.0 .508
AL West 13.0 .511 12.0 .521
NL West 15.2 .503 24.4 .443
NL East 19.0 .482 13.2 .522
NL Central 25.0 .461 14.8 .508

Driven by the Tigers and White Sox (#1 and #3 on this week’s list), the AL Central is riding high. The NL West has gone from by far and away the worst to middle-of-the-pack respectability, while the NL Central has crashed through the basement floor thanks to the Cubs and Pirates. More good stuff after the jump, as they say…

• • •

I’ll be making another TV appearance this week, my second of the summer thanks to the good folks at the New England Sports Network. I’m headed to Boston on Wednesday to tape another episode of the Boston Globe’s SportsPlus for the NESN. Unlike last time, host Bob Neumeier is currently covering the Tour de France, and Eric Frede will be filling in. The episode will air at 5:30 and 11:30 PM. Anybody out there who wouldn’t mind taping the show and slapping it on a VHS for me? You’ll be amply rewarded for your efforts. Inquire within.

• • •

I’ve got my next Baseball Prospectus chat on Thursday at 3:00 PM Eastern. Drop by to say hi or submit your questions ahead of time.

Another road trip on tap this coming weekend, then maybe I can clear this backlog of incomplete blog entries and article ideas I’m accumulating…

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