Holy Toledo!

For the past two years, I’ve been appearing nearly every week on a Toledo, Ohio ESPN affiliate, WLQR 1470 AM, as the guest of Norm Wamer for the show “The Front Row.” It’s my favorite media hit of the week, as Norm and I have a great rapport, and generally at some point during our freewheeling conversations we’ll crack each other up while talking about the Tigers (whose Triple-A affiliate is based in Toledo), the Indians (who are geographically closer), the AL Central race, obscure and lousy players from the Seventies and Eighties, or whatever else is at hand in baseball.

I’ve long wished the station streamed or archived the segments so that those outside that local market could hear them, and finally, it appears that they do both. This week’s segment, which was done with fill-in host Joe Rychnovsky, is here. The opening question, which somehow got trimmed, was along the lines of “What’s going on with the Nationals and their supposed firing of manager Manny Acta?” We discussed that, Sammy Sosa, the Tigers’ pitching staff and more.

Last week’s episode, which was done with Wamer and led off with a bit about the draft and first pick Stephen Strasburg (two weeks in a row leading with the Nationals?), is here (skip to 2:30 in), and the one from two weeks ago — which by my count was the 100th time I’ve appeared on the show — is here (skip to 1:45 in). Enjoy!

Update: and here is the Young Guns show from Boston’s WWZN 1510 AM.

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