Prospectus Radio Blitz: Tuesday

More radio hits to promote the release of Baseball Prospectus 2010. Here’s Tuesday’s schedule (all times Eastern):

• First up is Salisbury, Maryland’s WOCM-FM at 7:45 AM. Streaming here.

• Next is Philadelphia’s WIP 610 AM at 8:05 AM streaming at here.

• At 8:45 AM, I’ll taping an interview for “Inside Pitch” on the Cincinnati Reds Radio Network. It will air as part of a future pregame show next weeekend.

• At 9:15 AM, I’ll be taping an interview for Albany, NY’s “Don Weeks and the WGY Morning News” on WGY 810 AM. This one will air on Thursday or Friday via here.

• At 12:05 PM, I’ll be on Sirius/XM’s “The B-Team” show with Bruce Murray and Bill Pidto, which runs on, uh, the Mad Dog Radio Channel, 123.

• At 4:10 PM, I’ll be on Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida’s WQYK 1010 AM, streaming here.

Wednesday’s lineup has me doing Manchester, New Hampshire, and Madison and Green Bay, Wisconsin. More info as it emerges.

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