Badge #643

It arrived yesterday, the most important envelope I’ve received since my college acceptance letter nearly 23 years ago, but also nearly the emptiest, just a single piece of plastic, with no accompanying document. Still, I was told this would be arriving, and the enclosed item spoke for itself:

No: 643
Baseball Writers’ Association of America

Jay Jaffe
Baseball Prospectus
New York

is a duly qualified member, and is entitled to the press courtesies of the clubs of the National and American Leagues of Professional Baseball Clubs, subject to the conditions set forth on the back hereof.

Back when I first got the news I was in, no less an authority than Rob Neyer reminded me to savor this occasion: “Enjoy your BBWAA card when it arrives in the mail. That moment is about as good as it gets.” Hence this little celebration.

Now back to work… plenty busy over at Baseball Prospectus and Pinstriped Bible, even if it seems pretty quiet around here.


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  2. Hi Jay,

    Congratulations on your being accepted into the Baseball Writers Association. It is indeed a great milestone and honor. There are not too many of BBWAA members around.

    BTW, do you know who holds the #1 active card?? I know last season (2010) it was Seymour Siwoff (from Elias) who has been a BBWAA member since 1952. I am not sure if he is still active (but probably is). He has been the senior member (card #1) since the 2008 season (he succeeded Dave Anderson after Dave retired following the 2007 season).

    Again, congrats on a great career achievement.


    Marty Friedrich
    Iron Men of Baseball

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