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Well, it’s been awhile since I checked in here, far too long in fact. I never intended to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this site and then disappear for an entire baseball season, but between Baseball Prospectus, Pinstriped Bible, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, I didn’t lack for ways to reach an audience whether it was to publish a full article or just a one-line zinger, and in the time since I last posted I’ve been involved in no less than three BP book projects (more about which in my next post). But I miss blogging here, and I miss that people are able to find what I’ve been up to in my far-flung adventures as well, so we’re going to change that.

The catalyst for this is that I’ve had the incredible fortune to be invited as a guest on MLB Network’s new, sabermetrically-oriented Clubhouse Confidential show as one of their “Clubhouse Consultants,” and I just want a place to stash the videos so family and friends who are less social media-oriented can find them too (if you follow me on Twitter, you’d have a hard time missing my blatant self-promotion). My first appearance was back on November 29, discussing the Hall of Fame Golden Era ballot (about which you can read what I had to say here) with a particular emphasis on Ron Santo (who won election just over a week later, a year after his death and eons after JAWS tabbed him as worthy):

My second appearance was on December 13, discussing the Marlins’ spending spree, an under-the-radar element of the Ryan Braun PED case (which I dove into at length over the weekend), and the Hall of Fame case of my personal nemesis and frequent target, Keith Hernandez:

I seem to have snuck into the CHC rotation, joining folks like Joe Sheehan and Rob Neyer as occasional contributors. No idea when they’ll ask me back, but with the Hall of Fame ballot season in progress — my JAWS breakdown of the BBWAA ballot will start next week — it will hopefully be soon.

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