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Clearing the Bases: Post-Rickey, Pre-DC edition

Whew, am I behind in my blogging. Here’s what’s not-so-new: • A Basseball Prospectus/ESPN Insider piece examining second-half strength of schedule, revisiting an earlier piece but using Hit List Factor instead of a team’s projected winning percentage. Here’s how the teams shake down: Team Season 1st 2ndBlue Jays .514 .497 .536Orioles .522 .510 .536Royals .505 […]

Wannabe No More

Carlos Gomez, the indy-league sidearmer and sabermetric enthusiast who I interviewed for Baseball Prospectus back in 2004 has hit the big time. According to the Arizona Republic, Gomez has been hired by the Diamondbacks as a major league scout. Gomez didn’t exactly take a tried and true route to the majors. After graduating from Purdue […]

Quick Hit List

I’m pleased to announce a new feature on Baseball Prospectus, one that I will be handling on a weekly basis. It’s called the Prospectus Hit List, and what it is, essentially, is a power ranking of all 30 teams, with some quick commentary. The first edition, which runs today, is based entirely on BP’s PECOTA […]

Clearing the Bases

Those of you looking for the follow-up to Monday’s Gary Sheffield piece will have to wait until later this week, as I’ve got multiple out-of-towners paying me visits over the next several days. I don’t know if it’s just the August blahs, that lots of my regular readership is on vacation, or that my new […]

Carlos Gomez a/k/a Chad Bradford Wannabe: Moneyball Writ Small

Sometime last fall, I began noticing a poster on Baseball Primer who used the pseudonym “Chad Bradford Wannabe.” The name spoke volumes; through his occasional posts, I gradually learned that he was a sidearm-throwing minor-league pitcher in the independent Northeast League, and a student of the game who had taken Moneyball to heart. In November, […]