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Friday’s Child: Losing it?

Went to two Yankees-Rays games this week and they couldn’t have felt more different, nor could my writeups pertaining to them. On Monday, I sat in the pressbox as the team welcomed Joe Torre and Don Mattingly back to Yankee Stadium for the first time since their unseemly departures and unveiled their massive, ostentatious monument […]

Clearing the Bases: Hump Day Edition

Off to a hot start this week, with two pieces at Pinstriped Bible and two more at Baseball Prospectus along with a chat: • It’s been a grim stretch for the Yankees in losing seven of eight and temporarily surrendering first place, but Curtis Granderson’s resurgence has been something to write home about: It was […]

Friday’s Child: Stray Doggie Roundup

It’s been awhile since I checked in here. I took a vacation to see my folks in Salt Lake City, caught a couple of minor league games in the process — the first two I’ve seen in Utah since the late 1980s — dropped a couple of Pinstriped Bible entries, and farmed the Hit List […]

Say It Ain’t So, Joe

Today at Pinstriped Bible, I’ve got a more refined take of yesterday’s rant regarding distinguished Yankee alumnus Joe Torre, cataloging his litany of sins and looking at the possibility that he may not return for another year at the helm of the Dodgers: Torre, who let a one-year contract extension offer dangle in the face […]

Friday’s Child: A Full Plate

No shortage of what I’m serving today: • Over at the Pinstriped Bible, I’ve got a look at a reliever who could help the Yankees in September, Jonathan Albaladejo, and an update of last month’s silliness regarding the possibility of Joe Girardi bolting the Bronx for the Cubs’ managerial job. The Albaladejo piece was a […]

Since We Last Spoke

At Pinstriped Bible, I’ve got a look at the Yankees’ backup catcher situation, the post-trade deadline success of the bullpen and the trials and tribulations of Javier Vazquez, who hasn’t lasted five innings in any of his last three starts. From the bullpen piece: The Yanks spent the first half of the season largely fumbling […]

Real Quick Like

It’s been a busy week so far, and it’s only getting busier. Here’s what I’m selling: • A quick follow-up to my recent Phil Hughes take, re-examining some of my earlier assumptions in the wake of more data. It turns out I was wrong about which pitches of his are leading to more groundballs, and […]