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Clearing the Bases: Hump Day Edition

Off to a hot start this week, with two pieces at Pinstriped Bible and two more at Baseball Prospectus along with a chat: • It’s been a grim stretch for the Yankees in losing seven of eight and temporarily surrendering first place, but Curtis Granderson’s resurgence has been something to write home about: It was […]


Shortly after the AL Hit List went up, I did another chat over at Baseball Prospectus. This one was relatively short and sweet by my standards (90 minutes as opposed to 2-3 hours), but full of crunchy goodness: JoeR (Upstate): Jay Who do you see the Dodgers settling on for the 4th and 5th spots […]

Spring Chatter

Just finished a chat at Baseball Prospectus. Some highlights: Mike W (Chicago): How many starts do the Brewers give [Jeff] Suppan? Not that their alternatives are very attractive, but we know how this movie ends, right? JJ: It sounds as though the Brewers are closing in on the decision to make David Bush their #4 […]

Chatter and Patter

Some choice cuts from my chat earlier today at Baseball Prospectus: Nick Stone (New York, NY): How do you see the Marcus Thames/Randy Winn/Jamie Hoffman situation shaking out? Do Thames and Winn have anything left in the tank, given last season’s fades? I would have though Thames would pinch hit and Winn would then take […]

All World Series, All the Time

Weather permitting, the World Series begins tonight in the Bronx, and as you’d expect, it’s a busy day for me. For starters, I had the honor of previewing the series for Baseball Prospectus, and I gave it a similarly epic-length treatment as the first two rounds. Cutting to the chase, here’s part of the stuff […]

I’ll Show You the Bronx Banter Breakdown III

The third installment of the series shot Monday with Bronx Banter’s Alex Belth, Cliff Corcoran and myself is now up at the SNY.tv video channel. This one discusses the Twins, the Yankees’ first-round opponents (given that it was shot before Tuesday night’s Game 163 play-in, we also shot a Tigers’ segment that will never air). […]

I’ll Show You the Bronx Banter Breakdown II

The second installment of the series shot Monday with Bronx Banter’s Alex Belth, Cliff Corcoran and myself is now up at the SNY.tv video channel. This one previews the Red Sox-Angels series, and finds me in motormouth form trying to squeeze in all my points about the Angels’ offense and the Red Sox shoddy defense. […]

Friday’s Child (Part 2)

One of my favorite musicians is the late, great pop genius Lee Hazlewood. As a singer he brought a wry sense of humor, world-weary view and distinctive baritone to both originals and covers. As a writer, he wrote “These Boots Are Made For Walking” and other hits which turned Nancy Sinatra into a superstar. As […]

Answers: Free. Correct Answers: $20

A few choice cuts from yesterday’s Baseball Prospectus chat: strupp (madison): Jay. Thanks as always for the chat. Are we about to see a long “drought” of pitchers being elected to the Hall Of Fame because of the change in usage and other factors that prevent pitchers from reaching milestones? Maddux, Glavine, Unit seem locks, […]

Chatta Chatta Batta Batta

Drop by Baseball Prospectus at 1 PM Eastern on Tuesday where I’ll be chatting about Manny Ramirez’s new hairstyle and the striking facial resemblance of latter day Johnny Cash and Dodger-era Joe Torre (as seen in the fine Cowboy Jack Clement documentary, Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan). Leave a question beforehand if you […]