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Kicking Chass (again)

As somebody who’s all too familiar with the senile ravings of fomer New York Times columnist and Spink Award winner Murray Chass, I tip my cap to Baseball Analysts’ Patrick Sullivan. After being singled out for attack over the issue of the Hall of Fame — and having his credibility compared to that of Boston Globe […]

Totally Horseshit: The Jim Rice Story

Having spent his summer besmirching the character of Derek Jeter, Jim Rice continues to demonstrate why he’s as horseshit with a mic in his hand as he was as a Hall of Fame candidate. After watching leading AL Cy Young candidate Zack Greinke shut out the Red Sox while allowing two hits, Rice declares that […]

Why Does Jim Rice Hate America?

I’m not somebody who believes ballplayers either past or present should be held up as role models, but Derek Jeter has long stood as one of the few exceptions in that category. He plays hard, he stays out of trouble, he handles himself with class at all times, and never embarrasses himself or the game. […]

Some People Crack Wise, Some Just Crack

I don’t hate the Mets by any stretch of the imagination, but I have to admit I’m fascinated by the frequency and ferocity of their self-immolations over the past few years. The latest has team brass cracking down on Jerry Manuel cracking wise about the team’s injury situation, while VP of Player Development Tony Bernazard […]

Jose, Can’t You See?

Jose Canseco’s stupidity is America’s most renewable natural resource. Check this one: Jose Canseco plans to file a class-action lawsuit against Major League Baseball and the players’ association, saying he’s been ostracized for going public with tales of steroids use in the sport. Canseco said Wednesday that he has discussed the suit with lawyers and […]

Lucky Sevens

It’s no secret that Murray Chass is — how to put this delicately? — hopelessly out of touch. Once upon a time he was a groundbreaker, pioneering coverage of the business side of baseball back in the 1970s. For that he received the J.G. Taylor Spink Award, the Hall of Fame equivalent for writers, back […]

Stick a Fork in the 2007 Yankees

“Kick in the idiot box and wait for the news in the history books/ It’s like junkies who hate their heroin.” — d. boon, lead singer of the Minutemen, “Shit You Hear at Parties” I give up. I’m done. To hell with the 2007 Yankees, and while I’m at it, to hell with the managerial […]

Kicking Chass and Fixing Chats

On Monday, my JAWS article about the Veterans Committee was published at Baseball Prospectus publication. Tuesday saw the voting results — another shutout — announced, and when I blogged it at BP Unfiltered, I added a veiled dig at the New York Times‘ Murray Chass, who had… well, I’ll give him the rope: I receive […]