Bonafide Bomber on Bronx Banter

Chew on this for a moment: in the 71 years they’ve been playing the All-Star game, a total of five Yankee catchers have made the team 46 times, or 65 percent of the time. Jorge Posada, with four All-Star appearances, is just the latest in the line of those who’ve donned the tools of intelligence in the House That Ruth Built.

In part because I’d stumped for him here as the AL MVP, Alex Belth invited me to contribute a piece on Posada for his week-long Yankee preview, which has included guests Steven Goldman, Rich Lederer, Ben Jacobs, and Cliff Corcoran. In my profile, I recount his history, take a look at how he fits into the Yankees, both currently and historically, where he places among his contemporaries, and whether he will one day rank among the all-time greats. For my rankings, I drew on the same methodology as I did for my Hall of Fame ballot pieces on Baseball Prospectus last month; recall that no catchers were on the 2004 ballot, so unless you’ve done the work yourself, most of this data will be new to you.

Anyway, it was an honor to contribute to the series, and I hope you all enjoy the piece.

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