This Calls for Stragety

To my surprise and delight, I’ve been invited to return to the Fox Strategy Room, where Steven Goldman and I appeared back in April in the service of promoting Baseball Prospectus 2009. For those unaware of its format, the Strategy Room is a streaming webcast conducted in a roundtable format and broken up into hour-long segments that tend to veer all over the map.

Ostensibly, I’ve been invited to discuss Pete Rose’s potential reinstatement with host Rick Leventhal and the other panelists, but given their tabloid sensibilities, I’m sure by now the Mets’ disasterpiece may be the bigger story in the baseball world. I’d better read up on my other sports, because if history is a guide, our segment won’t be limited to baseball.

I had a great time during my last appearance, and I’m looking forward to this one. I’ll be on at 4 PM Eastern, streaming from the Flash popup here.

(Apologies to Bugs Bunny for the title of the post.)

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