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As Seen on TV, and Just About Every Place But Here

Well, it’s been awhile since I checked in here, far too long in fact. I never intended to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this site and then disappear for an entire baseball season, but between Baseball Prospectus, Pinstriped Bible, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, I didn’t lack for ways to reach an audience whether it was […]

Ten Years Down the Road

Ten years down the road making one-night stands Speeding my young life away Tell me one more time just so I’ll understand Are you sure Hank done it this way? —Waylon Jennings April 9 marked a momentous day in the history of FutilityInfielder.com. Namely, it’s now been 10 years since the inception of this site, […]

Badge #643

It arrived yesterday, the most important envelope I’ve received since my college acceptance letter nearly 23 years ago, but also nearly the emptiest, just a single piece of plastic, with no accompanying document. Still, I was told this would be arriving, and the enclosed item spoke for itself: No: 643 Baseball Writers’ Association of America […]

Gus Zernial (1923-2011)

Former major league outfielder Gus Zernial passed away on Thursday at the age of 87. A World War II veteran, he didn’t debut in the majors until he was nearly 26, but he enjoyed an 11-year career with the White Sox, A’s and Tigers, earning All-Star honors once and leading the AL in homers and […]

Rookie Blogger Stumps for Blyleven: January 2002

With the voting results for the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2011 scheduled to drop at 2 PM today, I dug deep into the Futility Infielder archives and found my first piece advocating for the election of Bert Blyleven to the Hall of Fame. It dates to January 6, 2002, a day short of nine […]

The JAWS Take

All may look quiet around Futility Central, but that’s only because after a brief Xmas respite following 26 straight working days, I’m busy putting my pedal to the metal to finish this year’s JAWS series on the Hall of Fame candidates at Baseball Prospectus. In case you’re looking for a quick set of links as […]

The Call-Up

Oy vey, it’s been far too long since I updated this space, easily my longest stretch of silence here in over nine years of blogging. Needless to say, I’ve been extremely busy, delivering content for Baseball Prospectus and Pinstriped Bible through the postseason and into the Hot Stove season, diving into the Prospectus annual and […]

Friday’s Child: Pre-ALCS Edition

Whew, it’s been a busy couple of weeks for yours truly covering the Yankees and their march into the postseason at both Baseball Prospectus and Pinstriped Bible. Since I last touched base here, I wrote 5,000-word Playoff Prospectus previews for both the Division Series against the Twins and the League Championship Series with the Yankees. […]

Changin’ It Up

I’m off to a running start this week, with new stuff up at Baseball Prospectus and Pinstriped Bible today. The BP piece assembles a bunch of take-home points from the three games I spent at Yankee Stadium over the past week, watching the Yanks duke it out with the Rays and Red Sox. I’ve got […]

Friday’s Child: Losing it?

Went to two Yankees-Rays games this week and they couldn’t have felt more different, nor could my writeups pertaining to them. On Monday, I sat in the pressbox as the team welcomed Joe Torre and Don Mattingly back to Yankee Stadium for the first time since their unseemly departures and unveiled their massive, ostentatious monument […]